Marci Penner with the Kansas Sampler Foundation shared this story. I couldn’t resist it: 

An empty can of “elbow grease” is being passed around in Lindsborg, Kansas. A small group decided to recognize those who were making an extra effort in Lindsborg.

What happened next was beautiful. The can quickly became a coveted item that was soon being passed from one recipient to the next and was being FILLED with goodies to share.

This simple item, with labels created in house, has contributed to team work and camaraderie in unexpected ways. How did this start? A conversation with a couple of Good Thinkers. The question: What could we do to boost business morale…what could we do to encourage “good?”

They found their answer in a can of elbow grease.

Thanks, Marci, for permission to share this.

Want to know where you can get your own can of Elbow Grease to pass around? You make one! Make a design on Canva or your favorite tool. Or find one online. 

If you make a can of Elbow Grease to pass around, send us pictures to share with everyone! 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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