How a farmers market became a street bazaar to save itself from “rules”

How many times have you been told that your good idea was against the rules? Sometimes it really is against the rules, and sometimes people use “rules” as an excuse to say no. 

Sometimes the rules make sense, but they still shouldn’t stop an otherwise good idea. So you come up with a way to comply or you think laterally and find a different way to do it. 

One of your fellow readers who shall remain anonymous and some friends wanted to try a farmers market in a town park. The local government said they’d need insurance to protect the city and to follow certain county regulations about what food could be sold in a farmers market. 

They could have stopped there. Or raised money for insurance and turned down certain vendors. But they thought about it, and….

They moved the event to the downtown sidewalks and called it a Street Bazaar. In their town, different rules apply on the sidewalks than in the park, and bazaars are treated differently than farmers markets. No need for insurance or limits on what vendors can sell. I’m sure your local rules will differ, so don’t worry about the specifics. Just consider this an example of thinking laterally. 

How can you think laterally to save a good idea?  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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