Help for your local economy–the next 3 months

Hey, how are you doing? Deb and I are doing pretty good. Our usual work from home routines are serving us well. Lots of canceled or delayed events and visits. It stings, but we’re managing. I’d love to hear how you’re doing, too. 

Deb and I talked this morning about what we can do best for you right now. You already have plenty of people giving you advice on everything. (We’re getting those emails too!) So here’s the plan. 

Let’s all get together for a live Q&A. Deb and I will answer your questions–any questions–live on Friday, April 10, 11am Central. These are always fun. You ask anything, we offer our ideas, and you share ideas too. Normally these are for members only, but if you’re reading this, you’re invited to join live. By April 10, we’ll be a month into this, and you’ll have a better idea what the real questions are for your community. We’ll send the info you need to participate on or around April 1. Watch for it in your inbox. 

The next three videos from SaveYour.Town will focus on your local economy. Right now, best guess, that’s what you’re going to need most from us. You’ll get emails as these come up, but here’s a preview of the tentative schedule: 

  • Shop Local, but modernized and innovative – May 
  • Rural Jobs Creation Strategies, rebuilding your local economy – June 
  • Bringing Life and Activity Downtown, preparing for whenever folks will be able to get back out – July 

You’ll still hear from us on our regular schedule: newsletters once per week, plus emails about the videos as they come out. We won’t be screaming about what you “must do” or generally adding to your stress. We don’t like that either. 

We’re all in this together. We’re just a little more spread out than usual. 

Hit reply and tell me how you’re doing. And what you think about the three video topics.  

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Take care of yourself. You matter.