Get ready for company

It’s the start of October. For a retail store owner like me, that means getting ready for the holidays kicks into a higher gear. Our annual supplier trade show is this weekend. (And let me tell you, the liquor trade show is more fun than the average trade show.) Holiday gift sets are already arriving, and every time we order, we’re adding a little to our holiday stockpile. 

I’m also getting ready to play “Go For Broke” at our store again. It’s a fun way of getting everyone to look at our store with new eyes.  My store is just like your house. We need to get ready for company to come over, and that means a lot of cleaning and sprucing up. 

How about your town? Is it ready for company to come over? Last week I heard Ivan Baker from Tinley Park, Illinois, use this same metaphor for your community. He was talking about attracting investors to your town, so a holiday clean up may be a good excuse to improve your community’s attractiveness to investors. 

If you’re looking for a good theme for your holiday advertising for your business or your whole town, you might consider Shift Your Shopping.