Don’t bother planning

Before you can make a plan, you have to set a direction.

Here’s what I mean. I wrote out a Well-Rounded Life list. Up til then, I had been doing business plans, but never any plan for a life outside of business. Eventually I realized my life was more than business. (Really. I know you’re not like that, but I am.) So I wrote out a list of what my idea of a well-rounded life looked like. It’s a list of nine short phrases like “A good bead on personal finances” and “Taking creative time for photography.” It’s not specific or measurable or any of the SMART methods of setting good goals, but taken together, it gave me a good idea of the direction I wanted to go.

Once I had that direction, I could draw up some outrageous 20 year goals, then 5 year goals, then 1 year goals, and then quarterly goals. THOSE goals were specific and measurable and time-bound and all those characteristics of good goals.

Whether you are trying to plan for your own personal life, your business, your organization or your community at large, you have to set the direction first.

You can shape the future of your town,

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