A statement of shared values that starts "We are a community of possibilities not of problems." Read forward for full text.

Celebrating 8 years of work with our powerful creed

8 years ago, I asked Deb Brown if she would like to do something together for small towns. Deb was a full time Chamber of Commerce director, and I had my liquor store and cattle ranch. 

We started by making email courses and picked the name, SaveYour.Town. Fast forward through 8 years of experiments, and we have dozens of short practical videos that help you address everything from finding more volunteers to helping local boards and officials be more open to new ideas. 

To celebrate our 8 years together, we’re rededicating ourselves to the shared values in our Creed. 

The Small Town Creed says "We can do it now!" Read forward for full text.

Check out the video version and print the PDF and write your town name in the blank. Send us a pic and we’ll share it! 

Keep shaping the future of your town,