Catch me on RFD-TV tonight! ?

We interrupt this newsletter for breaking news!
I’ll be on AARP Live on RFD-TV tonight (US)
7pm Pacific, 8pm Mountain, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern

Check your streaming or cable line up for RFD-TV or catch it on AARP Live or Sirius XM Channel 147. 

Bonus: They’re giving Yeti coolers to 5 people who call in.  

Secretly, I’m hoping you’ll call in so I’ll have some friendly voices to talk to! You can share a great thing in your town, or share something you are working on. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – In actual news, Deb and I did a 23 minute video about the Survey of Rural Challenges. It’s yours to watch, no charge.