Can a town mired in conflict ever recover? Does the fighting ever stop?

Some towns seem to be endlessly positive. It’s always sunny in Castle Rock. 

Other towns are a mess. People are fighting. Every issue erupts into conflict. Meetings are just short of knock down, drag out fights. 

Sometimes the positive towns get sucked down into the pit. They turn negative, maybe because of one single controversy or even just one toxic person. 

But can a town go the other way? Is there any way for a negative town to reform? 

There is a way, and you don’t need anyone’s permission or cooperation to start making it happen. You have to start building trust. 

It turns out that 99% of the best things you can do to build trust in your community don’t require anyone’s permission. Here’s a list of 60+ ideas to start building social capital.  

Why start with such small steps, like “eat lunch outside”? Because you’ll end up talking to people, or at the very least observing your community. 

You rebuild social capital when you build community like this. You put little deposits in the bank of community trust, and that trust changes people’s ways of thinking. 

Taking even a small action influences people’s moods and their thinking. We are what we regularly do. The more we get people to do positive community building, the more they will think like positive community builders. 

Start with you. You’re the easiest person for you to influence. 

See you for lunch outside? 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

PS – Only two more days to get the video on Dealing with Negativity and Opposition