Boost your makers with MFG Day in October

Your town has some crafters, makers, artisans or small manufacturers. The perfect time to celebrate them is during October for MFG Day, aka Manufacturing Day: Creators Wanted!

Officially MFG Day is October 1 this year, but you can celebrate anytime in October. The goal is to build our workforce of future creators.

Here’s how even the smallest of towns can participate. 

  • Pick an existing local event that happens anytime in October, then add a space for makers, crafters and manufacturers to all exhibit.
  • Invite all of your local manufacturers, makers, crafters, and artisans to exhibit what they make.

Here’s how this is going to benefit your community. 

  • You’ll build connections between your makers because they’ll all be in the same place. Maybe some of them will even work together in the future.
  • You’re going to draw attention to your makers and manufacturers, and that will encourage more people to consider making things as a career.
  • You’ll help your creators boost their local sales.

Build pride in what you build locally.

Keep shaping the future of your town,

PS –  Check out our video Crafters Create Prosperity. It will help you grow your own entrepreneurs with crafts, arts and making.