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3 key quotes from a big city mayor that small towns can absolutely steal

It’s the holiday season, so I wanted to share something short and still useful. I found these quotes from former Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett, from when he spoke to the very rural Red Carpet County Tourism Association in Alva, Oklahoma.

I picked these because you can adapt them for your community, no matter what size. And I couldn’t resist adding a few thoughts of my own.

We all live in a city that we didn’t build.

Mick Cornett

We didn’t build most of the things we enjoy. And we didn’t pass most of the rules we follow. We can also work to change any of that now for a better future.

No matter how popular you think your idea is, somebody is not going to like it.

Mick Cornett

Don’t worry too much about the people who don’t like your ideas. You can’t lose people who were never yours.

The longer someone has been in elected politics, the more suspicious they are of change.

Mick Cornett

It’s not just elected politics. I’d say it’s any local politics, elected, appointed, employed or volunteer. Local leaders feel a lot of pressure not to make any mistakes, and that makes it hard to take any action at all. This is why you don’t start by sharing your ideas with local leaders. You start with your own people, Gather Your Crowd.

Speaking of gathering, enjoy your own gatherings with friends, family and community. And take some time for yourself.

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Photo: In 2012, Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett and Kyle Golding lean on the rail at a marketing gathering. Photo by Becky McCray.