1 tip to get more local people to attend your event

You do some events that are open to the public, right? Here’s the tip to get more locals to attend: 

When you hold an event that is open to the public, put up a sign that says, “Open to everyone! Come on in!”

Of course you know it’s open to the public, and of course you said so in all your promotion. But we–that is, the public–weren’t paying attention. (sorry)

And when we walk by or drive by the event in progress, we can’t tell by looking that you’d welcome us. We’re all used to thinking that we weren’t invited, that this isn’t for us, that we aren’t welcome. It’s just human nature. You can remember times you’ve felt the same way, unsure whether you ought to go in somewhere. 

But if there’s a giant banner specifically inviting the public, that’s different. That’s one obstacle out of the way in getting us to participate. 

Keep shaping the future of your town, 

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