Becky McCray speaking, Rural Development Conference, Tennessee

Consistently audiences rate her highly and go away energized and excited to tackle their business dreams, and always wanting more. She continues to be one of the most valuable resources I have found for small business!

Laura Girty, event organizer, Oklahoma

Cheryl Lawson, Gloria Bell, Becky McCray

SMTulsa Organizer Cheryl Lawson, speaker Gloria Bell, and keynote speaker Becky McCray. Cheryl has featured Becky as a keynote and speaker five times for SMTulsa.

Becky McCray understands community and seamlessly becomes a part of any audience she encounters. More than just a speaker, Becky is a valued partner and an asset to me as an event organizer.
Cheryl Lawson, event organizer, Oklahoma

Becky’s down-to-earth style and mastery of social media were warmly received by our clients at our annual symposium. It didn’t end there. Since spending time with us, Becky continued her online conversation with us, and Norfolk County continues to benefit from her generosity, expertise and wisdom.
Clark Hoskin, event organizer, Ontario

Becky is a very polished yet completely natural speaker, and that resonates with her audience. She was a star of our event, and a huge reason why it was so successful.
Mack Collier, event organizer, Alabama

I want to go out and change the world after listening to a mere 12 minutes of Becky McCray
Victoria Hirschberg, Tennessee

Audience optimism showed a 16.77% increase after Becky McCray’s presentation.
Big Ideas for Small Towns event, North Dakota

Thanks Becky for your AWESOME presentation Thursday! The Board really enjoyed it! Later in the meeting and now days after, there have been many conversations about how their communities are doing things now and how they could expand.
Jennifer Miller, event organizer, Oklahoma

The feedback from your presentation was 100 % positive as many said we saved the best for last.
Cody Cox, event organizer, Oklahoma

I have had the good fortune to hear Becky McCray speak at several events over the past couple of years and I am always left with my brain feeling a little too big for my head. That’s how much knowledge and wisdom she packs into her presentation! The thing is, she delivers it in such a down home, common sense way that you feel like a lot of what she’s saying was already inside you… somewhere. It just got lost through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When a person’s message resonates with you this well, you know it’s the real deal.
Brian Blake, Oklahoma

Getting everyone involved at SMTulsa. Photo by Doug Stewart.

Becky McCray getting everyone involved.

“When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.” That is Becky McCray when it comes to her impact on small business and small town America. Her knowledgeable background in development and community leadership positions, coupled with her dedicated years as an entrepreneur and business owner in small town USA, gives her the credibility and connection to her audience. Becky talks the talk, but she also walks the walk.
Jim Blankenship, Tennessee

Becky McCray totally rocked it and the ideas were doable and fabulous! I came home all fired up and giddy!!
Katy Kassian, North Dakota

That @BeckyMcCray knows her stuff. Our @amaokc surveys indicate she was EXTREMELY well received!
Kevin Jessop, event organizer, Oklahoma

Great classes with @beckymccray, you got the wheels in my brain turning all the way home.
Vicki Conley,  Colorado

Note: standing room only for @BeckyMcCray
Daryl Phillips, Tennessee

The keynote speaker was so down to earth. Even her dialogue was down to earth and to the point. She sounded very educated and special. Lots of speakers throw around big phrases, but she fits in any place. She could sit down and have a conversation with anyone anywhere.
Corene Vaughn, North Dakota

Lots of great ideas for small rural towns and small business owners who just want to try something out or expand their businesses. It’s so much about building a community and telling the stories about what works. Great presenters as well, who are obviously passionate and genuine about what they do, and embody economic development in their everyday work.
Kathleen Code, British Columbia, Canada

2014-03-21 SMTulsa speaking 1. Photo by Casey Hanson for SMTulsa

Becky McCray’s presentations give audiences practical steps they can put into action right away.

Always enjoy hearing what @BeckyMcCray has to say. #smtulsa keynote #4 and she never fails to impress.
Carlos Moreno, Oklahoma

Great empowering, invigorating opening keynote from @BeckyMcCray!
Eric T. Tung, Texas

@beckymccray lives what she preaches and you can tell. Excellent stuff
Josh Ploch, Oklahoma

I am SO feeling this concept of the small town biz traits, it directly speaks to concepts of globalized business! I can dig it.
Contessa Gibson, Illinois

Becky McCray is one of those honest, down to earth speakers that you can connect with.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm for small business can quickly motivate you to think about opportunities you didn’t think existed.  Coming from a small town/rural perspective, Becky’s points are true for any small business – including urban ones.  Her personality and wonderful relevant stories for business make her one of the top small business speakers out there.
Rick Mahn, Minnesota

One of the best webinars I’ve attended on business.
Lillian Lake, online

Becky McCray speaking on stage with Jeff Pulver

Becky McCray speaking on stage with Jeff Pulver, a co-founder of Vonage and other startups.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you could talk about anything and make it seem interesting.
Derrick Parkhurst, event organizer, Oklahoma

When she speaks, you can see the light bulbs going on in the audience as they collectively nod their heads.
Cheryl Lawson, event organizer, Oklahoma

Your session was so useful! I felt free to ask questions and many of your points will be automatically applicable!
Rene Neff, Washington

Thanks so much for your presentation yesterday in Burnet! The take-aways were concrete with the ability to put them into practice as soon as I arrived home. Thanks again – I hope I get the opportunity to hear you again!
Attendee from Eden, Texas

Enjoyed the webinar yesterday. Fantastic job on your end. Great way of communicating with simplicity and clarity.
Ben Boykin, Georgia

No one knows small towns better than @beckymccray!
Leslie McLellan, California


Getting audience reaction at the Social Media Breakfast at SXSW. Photo by Beverly Barrett

Getting the audience engaged at the Social Media Breakfast at SXSW.

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