Becky McCray keynoting the Norfolk County Tourism and Economic Development Symposium in Canada

Becky proves that small towns have new media souls, and that these tools aren’t a San Francisco / Boston / DC / Boulder thing.
Chris BroganMassachusetts

I’m a big fan of Becky’s work at Small Biz Survival in Alva…. She is doing great things!
Jack Schultz, Illinois

It was Becky’s mastery of social media that brought her to Norfolk County’s attention. The down-to-earth style and relevant subject matter that she projected through twitter caused us to visit her website and discover how accessible she was. Before long, we were in conversation and Becky was booked to speak at our annual symposium. Her presentation was warmly received by our clients. It didn’t end there. Since spending time with us, Becky continued her online conversation with us, and Norfolk County continues to benefit from her generosity, expertise and wisdom.

Clark Hoskin, event organizer and manager of Tourism & Economic Development at Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada

Deb Brown and Becky McCray touring rural Iowa before her presentation.

Deb Brown and Becky McCray touring rural Iowa before her presentation.

Outstanding guided brainstorming session today with Becky McCray. It was great to have Becky come in and lead us in a discussion that was interactive. She got the entire room to start thinking about working together, sharing our passions and supporting local businesses. Everyone left with a list of things they could go back to work with and install right away. So much better than a one hour lecture and more empowering as well. The guests stayed and talked amongst themselves and began the process of working together to create magic right here in Webster City. The benefits of bringing Becky in far outweighed the cost. By the end of the week, I saw businesses changing their marketing, starting to work together, cooperating with the local paper, and a few new people starting to work with the Chamber.

Deb Brown, support session organizer, Webster City Chamber of Commerce, Iowa

Becky agreed to co-host the 1st Live #Blogchat event at South By Southwest in March of 2011. I threw Becky quite the curveball, as I asked her to join and help facilitate the discussion and flow at this event with only a couple of hours notice. But I did that because I knew that she could handle the event, and she did so flawlessly. Becky is a very polished yet completely natural speaker, and that resonates with her audience. She was a star of our event, and a huge reason why it was so successful.
Mack Collier, BlogChat Live organizer, Alabama

Becky is an expert at finding the most important things to stress when she speaks, and offers a fantastic blend of entertainment AND information in her talks. Becky has a calm, even pace that makes those she talks to comfortable enough to settle in to listen then POW! Here comes the game changing info in a surprising and interesting way that connects with audiences in unexpected ways.
Phil Gerbyshak, Wisconsin

Quintessential to what it takes to be a small business owner – especially in a rural setting -is the capacity to have interests and skills in many areas. Becky can elegantly speak to her work as a consultant, grant writer, copywriter and more, while ringing the cash register for her own local business…. Becky speaks insightfully, almost poetically, about the how and why of rural living and business.
Sherry Borzo, Iowa

Cheryl Lawson and Becky McCray at the first Social Media Tulsa Conference. Photo by Captured Charms

Cheryl Lawson and Becky McCray at the first Social Media Tulsa Conference. Cheryl has invited Becky to return and keynote every year since. Photo by Captured Charms

When Becky McCray speaks, you can see the light bulbs going off in the audience as they collectively nod their heads.
Cheryl Lawson, Social Media Tulsa Conference organizer, Oklahoma

Enjoying @beckymccray’s thoughts on customer service and transparency in real life and online. We totally agree!
@WholeFoodsNYC, New York

I have had the good fortune to hear Becky McCray speak at several events over the past couple of years and I am always left with my brain feeling a little too big for my head. That’s how much knowledge and wisdom she packs into her presentation! The thing is, she delivers it in such a down home, common sense way that you feel like a lot of what she’s saying was already inside you… somewhere. It just got lost through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When a person’s message resonates with you this well, you know it’s the real deal.

Becky is sharp, sophisticated, insightful and just a downright great gal. She mixes humor and stories with solid business tactics you can use NOW. And, Becky has the best business cards I’ve ever seen. That’s marketing genius.
Brian Blake, Oklahoma

That @BeckyMcCray knows her stuff. Our @amaokc survey’s indicate she was EXTREMELY well received! #smarketer #hervoicecarrieswell

Kevin Jessop, American Marketing Association, Oklahoma City Chapter

Always enjoy hearing what @BeckyMcCray has to say. #smtulsa keynote #4 and she never fails to impress.
Carlos Moreno, Oklahoma

Getting everyone involved at SMTulsa. Photo by Doug Stewart.

Becky McCray getting everyone involved at SMTulsa. Photo by Doug Stewart.

Great empowering, invigorating opening keynote from @BeckyMcCray!
Eric T. Tung, Texas

@beckymccray lives what she preaches and you can tell. Excellent stuff
Josh Ploch, Oklahoma

i am SO feeling this concept of the small town biz traits, it directly speaks to concepts of globalized business! i can dig it.
Contessa Gibson, Chicago

At #smtulsa listening to @beckymccray talk wheat & beef. Like I’m in the Twilight Zone, but in a good way.
@TheJimmyHart, Oklahoma

Becky McCray is one of those honest, down to earth speakers that you can connect with.  Her knowledge and enthusiasm for small business can quickly motivate you to think about opportunities you didn’t think existed.  Coming from a small town/rural perspective, Becky’s points are true for any small business – including urban ones.  Her personality and wonderful relevant stories for business make her one of the top small business speakers out there.
Rick Mahn, Minnesota

One of the best webinars I’ve attended on business.
Lillian Lake, online

Becky McCray speaking on stage with Jeff Pulver

Becky McCray speaking on stage with Jeff Pulver, a co-founder of Vonage and other startups. Photo by Patsy Terrell.

I have a sneaking suspicion that you could talk about anything and make it seem interesting.
Derrick Parkhurst, OpenBeta Conference organizer, Oklahoma

Your session was so useful! I felt free to ask questions and many of your points will be automatically applicable!
Rene Neff, Washington

Thanks so much for your presentation yesterday in Burnet! The take-aways were concrete with the ability to put them into practice as soon as I arrived home. Thanks again – I hope I get the opportunity to hear you again!
Attendee from Eden, Texas

Enjoyed the webinar yesterday. Fantastic job on your end. Great way of communicating with simplicity and clarity.
Ben Boykin, Georgia

Great classes at #2011netravel with @beckymccray, you got the wheels in my brain turning all the way home
Vicki Conley,  Colorado

No one knows small towns better than @beckymccray!
Leslie McLellanCalifornia

@beckymccray is a magnificent speaker. Loved everything she said.
Melanie VenutoFlorida

Becky McCray speaking at 2008 BlogWorldExpo

Becky McCray speaking at 2008 BlogWorldExpo

I love watching the speakers at #140confNYC, but specially love seeing you talk. You just make folks feel good! #ItIsAGift
Allison Aldridge Saur, Oklahoma

Becky is one of the most effective presenters I’ve had the privilege of hearing. She is approachable, relevant and presents with tremendous clarity and richness. I have learned so much from her presentations, as well as from following her blog. Anyone who has the opportunity to hear her should take it!
Jennifer James McCollum, Oklahoma

You are a natural speaker and your cadence is soothing and engaging to the ear.
Albert Maruggi, Minnesota

@BeckyMcCray brings her small town biz tips to Social Media ~ her perspective has me in awe.
Amanda Greene, California

I think your ideas on using small town truths to run business and your social presence were insightful and made lots of people rethink ideas they brought with them into the room.
Mandy Vavrinak, Oklahoma

Becky McCray is the small town Seth Godin.
Cody Heitschmidt, Kansas


Getting audience reaction at the Social Media Breakfast at SXSW. Photo by Beverly Barrett

Getting the audience engaged at the Social Media Breakfast at SXSW. Photo by Beverly Barrett.

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Brainstorming session at Webster City, Iowa. Photo by Deb Brown.

Brainstorming session at Webster City, Iowa. Photo by Deb Brown.

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