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Becky McCray. Photo by Colton Foote (1)

Yes, I really do own a small town liquor store and a cattle ranch. It gives me a down-to-earth perspective.

Because I’m a business owner in a small town and because I care about rural towns, I watch the global trends in the economy, technology and society. Then I give you the practical steps you can implement right now to shape the future of your town.

These big trends give me a positive view of rural, but I don’t paint an unrealistic picture of small towns, pretending that everything is quaint and charming. We have issues, and we have assets. The same things that make rural places challenging can be turned into positives. You know how. There’s a lot of rural wisdom inside you; it’s just been covered up with the busy-ness of everyday life.

You know you have to start with tiny, easy-to-do steps. That’s how we get things moving. You know that connecting people with each other is the essence of community. And you know who you can rely on to get started. You’ll draw more people to you as you go.

It may feel like a refresher course in common sense. These are the bedrock principles that small-town business owners have survived by for years. It can be exciting to realize that your town has a future and that you can shape it. Excitement like that draws more people to you. You have reason to overlook the naysayers. You have reason to hope.


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