Where I spoke in 2008 and 2009

From Shattuck, Oklahoma, to London, England, 2008 and 2009 were exciting years to be speaking on small business and small towns. Here is a list of where I spoke.

  • Northwest Oklahoma Alliance,“Facebook and Twitter: Sharing your ideas,” 2009.

    Becky on stage with panel

    Speaking in London on a small business panel

  • Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, “Marketing your business to the local community and beyond,” 2009.
  • 140Conference/London, Small business use of social media panel with Alex Bellinger, Heather Gorringe, and Pam O’Hara, 2009.
  • Red Carpet Country Tourism Conference, “Social Media in Tourism,” with Sheila Scarborough, 2009.
  • BlogWorld Expo, “Small Business, Big Impact,” panel with Arik Hanson, ¬†Natasha Westcoat and Pierre Martell,¬†2009.
  • Small Business 101, “Small Business Ideas for Small Towns,” 2009.
  • Throw Your Voice, blogging and podcasting, 2009.
  • Small Business Forum with Lt. Governor Jari Askins, “New Tools for Websites,” 2009.
  • Bartlesville Marketing and Communications Assoc, “Marketing Plans for Small Business,” 2009
  • Picture My Weekend, Digital Camera Skills, 2009
  • Michigan Small Town and Rural Development Conference, Keynote: “Social Media and Small Towns,” 2009
  • Leveraging Twitter to Grow Your Small Business webinar with Eric Glazer, Aaron Strout, Kyle Flaherty, and Monica Valentinelli, 2009
  • BlogWorld Expo, “A Blogging Business: Sleek Plans for High Performance,” panel with David Bullock and Shama Hyder Kabani, 2008
  • Innovation Interactive: The Entrepreneurs Conference, “Growth Strategies for Main Street Startups,” 2008
  • OpenBeta unconference, “Ways to Delegate without Hiring,” 2008
  • Red Carpet Country Tourism Conference, “New Tools for Tourism,” 2008
Becky speaking to an auditorium of entrepreneurs.

Speaking to Entrepreneur Day in Woodward, Oklahoma, in 2002

Before 2008, I spoke at over 60 other events and conferences, from local to national audiences.

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